The 4th IEEE/ACM International Conference on
June 11 - 14, 2008,
Santorini Island, Greece


DCOSS 2008 solicits demonstrations showing innovative research and applications. DCOSS is interested in demonstrations of technology, platforms, algorithms and applications of wireless sensor networks. The DCOSS demo session will provide researchers the opportunity to demonstrate their work and obtain feedback from interested and knowledgable conference attendees. Submissions from both industries and universities are encouraged.

Demos will be evaluated based on technical merit and innovation as well as their potential to stimulate interesting discussions and exchange of ideas.


  • Service Oriented Architecture for Heterogeneous and Dynamic Sensor Networks, Jérémie Leguay, Mario Lopez-Ramos, Kathlyn Jean-Marie, Vania Conan
  • Virtual Flashlight: A Demonstration of Cantennas for Wireless Sensor Networks, Robert Sauter, Olga Saukh, Jonas Meyer, Pedro Jose Marron
  • Pixie: An Operating System for Resource-Aware Programming of Embedded Sensors, Bor-rong Chen, Konrad Lorincz, Jason Waterman, Matt Welsh
  • An Interactive Testbed for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks, Olof Rensfelt, Frederik Hermans, Christofer Ferm, Per Gunningberg, Lars-Ĺke Larzon
  • MobiShop: Using Mobile Phones for Sharing Consumer Pricing Information, Shitiz Sehgal, Salil S. Kanhere, Chun Tung Chou
  • TDOA-based Real Time Locating System over IEEE 802.15.4 radio, Hyuntae Cho, Hoon Choi, Yeonsu Jung, Hyunsung Jang, Sanghyun Son, Yunju Baek

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